About Us

The Maritime Centre Of Excellence (MCOE) is a “one-stop” maritime training, research facility established to improve the quality of maritime expertise in Nigeria, West Africa and around the world.

Our team will provide bespoke, independent technical consultancy and inspections across the globe to organisations operating within the marine industry, in order to protect their marine assets and support their long-term growth strategies.

About Us

Our Services

  • The aims and objectives of the MCOE include:
    • Provision of accredited maritime training programmes required for career progression in the maritime industry;
    • Development and implementation of shipping and maritime innovations;
    • Maritime and shipping consultancy;
    • Ship construction and supervision;
    • Terminal and ports modelling;
    • Implementation of shipping standards, codes and regulations.
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Host Community

The MCOE is lucky to be situated in a beautiful part of the country, with much to see and do for sightseeing, sport and leisure, or just pure relaxation.

Nigeria LNG Limited has established a nature park on Bonny Island to preserve the natural environment of its host communities. The site of the nature park is the natural habitat of Salt Water Hippopotamus, now rare in Nigeria, and other interesting flora and fauna prevalent on Bonny Island.

Host Community

What We Do

Maritime Training

The MCOE is a world-class maritime training centre set up to provide mandatory and generic maritime training and programmes for professional development, career advancement and progression in the maritime industry.

Marine Projects

The MCOE is equipped with the experience and knowledge enabling it to respond quickly and efficiently to customer’s needs and requirements.

Research and Consultancy

The scope of our services spans vessel basic and detailed design, new building project management, naval architectural services, marine engineering services, techno commercial feasibility, port and shipyard development services and marine cargo services.

Business Development

Marine assets whether inland or ocean-going vessels and fleeting operations are huge investments and are specific as they are unique. As such, seeking and making smart business decisions pertaining to these assets are a requisite, especially in today’s dwindling economy.


The Seafarer Continuous Development Program (SCDP) is a scheme aimed at providing training berth spaces / sea time for third party organizations and individuals on NSML managed vessels to enhance and ensure supply of skilled manpower in Nigeria and the regional shipping industry.

Maritime Standards

We help with the development, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of international standards for ship safety and environment protection.


Deliver on goal zero, sustain high safety standards consistently and at all times on board the vessels and in the office through safety initiatives, systems and effective risk management, so we all always go home to our families


We maintain strong asset integrity; high utilization of our vessels and minimize unplanned off-hires so that the vessels we manage are sea and cargo worthy at all times.

Cost efficiency

We are prudent and constantly challenge ourselves on how to eliminate wastage; optimize and deliver cost efficient services and enhanced value to our Customers and Shareholders.


We develop our people both ashore and onboard the vessels (with Nigerianization as a major driver), so that they are highly trained, have a clear sense of belonging, dynamic, innovative, strong and competent. We also look for business opportunities that will improve our financial position in line with our Shareholders aspirations.