We offer a full and extensive suite of assessment tools and processes, that enable you to choose the best people for the job. From the single individual psychometric test of a certain candidate to a more extensive assessment centre with simulations, tests, interviews and group exercises, we can offer you the full palette of leadership competency assessment.

Our approach

All assessments begin with a reference profile. Once the profile is defined together with the customer, all assessed candidates will be measured against this profile.

Whether we are doing an individual assessment, assessments for a single position or run large-scale assessment workshops, we always use the best and most comprehensive psychometric tools on the market. In addition, we have developed a set of simulations, group exercises, and structured interviews in order to identify the best candidate(s) for the job.

Our team of assessors all have more than 15 years of experience recruiting leaders and specialists.

Entry-level people leadership assessment centre – Do your cadets have what it takes?

Choosing the right cadets is a sound investment. They will be running your ships and its crew in a few years from now.

The benefits of recruiting the best cadets are apparent. Not only will you waste less training resources and time getting them up to speed, but you will in time have a strong pool of officers who perform to your standards.

Finally you will have a much higher retention-rate among junior officers and will stop wasting your money educating other company’s junior officers.

Promotions – are we promoting the best specialist or the best leader?

When we promote people we have, there is a tendency to promote the best specialists. We think that we will get the best chief-engineer if we promote the one with the best technical skills and when we want the best Captain, we look for the best navigator and administrator.

We know that in order to be a good and strong leader you should have the ability to see the big picture, have good interpersonal skills, be a strong communicator and have a well-tuned empathy. Not all specialists have these characteristics.

We assess people who are up for promotion and engage in a dialogue with you regarding who will be able to build teams onboard and be a leader of people as well as a ship.

Strategic competency surveys

Far too many companies are running ships with little or no clue as to who is actually running them. We believe this is the cause of many of the accidents, we see in the industry.

Lately forward-looking companies have decided to change this “operating-in-the-dark” approach and Marine Performer have designed a swift and efficient way of assessing your current talent pool of officers. This will give you a unique insight into whom to monitor and whom to invest in.

We strongly believe there is a vast untapped potential onboard our ships, the problem is, we do not know who they are!