STCW Courses

The MCOE is a world-class maritime training centre set up to provide mandatory and generic maritime training and programmes for professional development, career advancement and progression in the maritime industry.



The Seafarer Continuous Development Program (SCDP) is a scheme aimed at providing training berth spaces / sea time for third party organizations and individuals on NSML managed vessels to enhance and ensure supply of skilled manpower in Nigeria and the regional shipping industry.



The MCOE has developed on behalf of its Parent company NSML, an Integrated Training Strategy and will also oversee the Implementation for the Knowledge Transfer Program (N-KTP) and Shipboard Nigerianization Program.


Bespoke Training and Competency Assessment

Bespoke courses can be created for individual employers needs around similar subject areas.

Building on our experience and expertise, we are able to work with your business and or industry, in order to create bespoke modules or programmes for your employees.